Strategic Planning, Quality and Risk Management Centre (SQRC)

Quality Assurance Division (QAD) formerly known Quality Academic Assurance Unit under Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia with four staffs. The function of this unit at the time is to monitor and ensure that all accreditation procedures of the academic programmes are complied with. The Quality Assurance Division was established on 1 August 2008 has taken over the function of Quality Academic Assurance Unit and at the same time has added other functions related to quality affairs. With effect from 1 October 2013 Quality Assurance Division is upgraded to the Strategic Planning and Quality Management Centre (SQC). At present SQC has focused on four main functions ie; Development and Implementation of UNIMAS Strategic Plan; Internal Reinforcement and Empowerment; Standardization and Compliance; Data Centre and Measurement. All of these functions are aimed at the implementation, compliance, enhancement and creation of a positive culture to surpass UNIMAS towards glory. SQC's main function also includes activities related to Strategic Planning and Implementing, Benchmarking and Standardization, Enhancing and Strengthening and Utilizing ICT. The SQC serves as the Secretariat of the Steering Committee called the UNIMAS Strategy and Quality Committee (JSKU). SQC has been structured and rebranded to SQRC during the JKE bill of 04/2017 of 37 on 12 July 2017 with the entry of Risk Management Unit.

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Since 1 August 2008, size of the staff has grown bigger. As of now, there are 3 Academicians & Researchers, 2 Assistant Registrars and 8 supporting staffs to strengthen the SQRC's core business and services. With all these people, SQRC has achieved many achievements as what you see today.

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Collaboration between Government / Company Agencies and SQRC is one of the recursive processes in which two or more organisations work together to achieve a common goal. Here are some of the organisation partners that work with SQRC.

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Berikut adalah beberapa ahli gabungan untuk SQRC yang terdiri daripada organisasi di dalam dan luar UNIMAS.

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The facilities at SQRC include Meeting and Discussion Rooms. This room is usually used by SQRC staff themselves. However, this facility is not for internal purposes only as it can be booked by staff from other departments.

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We are committed to helping others in need. Our team consists of Strategic Planning Unit, Quality Management Unit, Strategic Project Unit and Risk Unit. The focus is on improving UNIMAS's overall quality, exposing employees to the latest technology as well as helping them improve quality in their daily work.

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Strategic Planning and Quality Management Centre (SQRC), UNIMAS.

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