Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

Currently, the world is facing a global health crisis unlike any other — COVID-19 is spreading human suffering, destabilizing the global economy, and upending the lives of billions of people around the globe.

To achieve the SDG’s aim, the official participation of UNIMAS in the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme was declared in the Ministry of Higher Education press release dated 1 June 2021 as UNIMAS initially registered as a type 5 Vaccination Centre (PPV) which has the capacity of 1000 dosages per day before upgraded to operate as a MEGA type PPV, administering up to 5000 vaccinations per day.

In an effort to help the state achieve herd immunity, the Unimas PPV had also conducted a vaccination programme with the community involving 3,210 residents from 27 villages in Kuching and Samarahan areas.

Student Counseling & Welfare unit (UniK) is one of the units under the Student Services Center, Office of Student Affairs & Alumni UNIMAS starting on 1 August 2011. UniK provides services to assist students or individuals in personal development through counselling and psychological approaches.

Recently, UNIMAS has established Personnel Welfare Unit (UKeP) to provide individual and group guidance services, counseling interventions, administration of psychological tests, coordinate the UNIMAS Mentoring Program, provide the UNIMAS Covid-19 Prosperity Line.

UKeP then introduced The Staff Therapy Lounge with the concept of a homely atmosphere so that staff who come to get guidance and counselling interventions here will feel like being at home. Among the facilities provided are automatic massage chairs, music therapy equipment, game therapy art therapy and refreshing aromatherapy fragrances as well as a green corner decorated with soothing greenery.

All smoking and all forms of electronic cigarette or vape use strictly prohibited within  the UNIMAS campus area. Refer to Administrative Circular No. 8 of 2015 - Reminder of Smoking Prohibition in UNIMAS Campus.

The Sports Center provides support services in planning and managing programs related to sports development and services at UNIMAS. The Sports Center plays a role in drafting plans to encourage the involvement of students and staff in sports activities to make sport as a platform of excellence towards making UNIMAS a sports-based university. All sports facilities can be used free of charge by all students and staff. Refer