Supporting Aquatic Ecosystems through Education and Action with Local and National Communities


Several experts from UNIMAS among educators and researchers were invited as an expert panel and assessor to review options on area-based management and to prioritise the most urgent conservation actions required to ensure future survival on Aquatic Ecosystems. The health of aquatic ecosystem is primarily involving the researcher at both the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology (FRST) and the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (IBEC) at UNIMAS. The monitoring and reporting of aquatic ecosystem are translated into publications of research activities.The following are some letters of appointment received by UNIMAS to be involved in support programs and incentives that encourage and maintain good aquatic stewardship practices.

Appointment Letter on Environmental Impact Road Projects Infrastructure
Appointment Letter on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity
Appointment Letter as an Assessor for the Species Conservation Needs Assessment for the Amphibians and Reptiles of Baleh