1) Elected Representation On The University


A. Persatuan Pegawai Akademik UNIMAS (PPPU)
Persatuan Pegawai Akademik UNIMAS (PPAU) or UNIMAS Academic Staff Association was set up to protect and promote the rights, interests and welfare of lecturers in UNIMAS. It offers a platform for the grassroot to bring up issues to the university management in order to improve the standards of professionalism in teaching, research and publication among academic staff. As part of the effort to disseminate knowledge, PPAU also organises public talks and seminars. Objectives of the associate are as follows:
  1. To protect and promote the rights, interests and welfare of members
  2. To provide a platform for communication and exchange of views among members
  3. To maintain and enhance professional standards in teaching, research and publication among academic officers
  4. To provide an opportunity to raise and discuss issues related to leadership and academic management
  5. Be a channel of communication between members and the university administration related to academic issues and professionalism.
  6. To communicate and disseminate information on various aspects of academic importance through publications, seminars and so on.
  7. As a mediator in promoting cultural and social activities to benefit members.
  8. To collaborate and coordinate various efforts with universities, public universities or other academic associations in matters related to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of teaching, research and education in the country.
President: Dr. Aazani Mujahid (FRST)
Vice President: Dr Chai Soo See (FCSIT)
Secretary: Dr Wee Boon Siong (FRST)
Assistance Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Dr Ting Su Hie (FLC)
Treasurer: Pn Suzila Mohamed Yusof (FEB)

Exco members:
  • Dr Chung Hung Hui (FRST)
  • Dr Yuwana Podin (IHCM)
  • En Mohd Fahmi b. Yahaya (FACA)
  • Pn Anna Andrew (FMHS)
  • Dr Ngu Sze Song (FE)
  • Dr Irma Yazreen binti Md Yusoff (FEB)
Internal auditors:
  • Dr. Haslina Hashim (FSS)
  • Pn Nordiana Binti Ahmad Nordin (FEB)
B. Persatuan Pengurus UNIMAS (PPU)


Persatuan Pengurus UNIMAS (PPU) or UNIMAS Management and Professional Association were officially established on 21 July 2004 where the objectives and goals of the association are as follows:
  1.  To manage and look after the welfare of members in general.
  2. To strengthen the management and administration aspects of UNIMAS for making it an institution of higher learning that is the main choice of the group students and academics, if requested to do so by UNIMAS.
  3. To establish and establish cooperation with other bodies and organizations who have the same goals and interests.
  4. To be a channel through which members can meet and discuss towards dignifying management and administration in general and management and university administration in particular.
  5. To foster a spirit of cooperation, friendliness and unity among members through social, educational and other activities.

Logo Description
Red - symbolizes energy, strength, passion, perseverance, revolution, determination, leadership, goal to succeed, focus and generosity.
Black- symbolizes elegance, brilliance, high quality, reliability and dignity and symbolizes protection.
White - symbolizes perfection, positive thinking, accuracy, originality and unity.



KESAUMAS is an instrument for UNIMAS support staff fight for their rights with employers as well as to improve performance work among staff. In addition, the employer can channel each decision and information to all staff more quickly, accurately and easily. By its existence such a union, in the hope that it can help the employer in any matter administration related to support staff. The purpose of this Union is to:
  1. Organize the workers referred to under regulation 3 (1) as members of the Union and advance their interests in the field of corporate relations, society and science.
  2. Arranging the relationship between the employee and the employer for the purpose implement good corporate relations, increase productivity and obtain as well as maintain for its members job security, a salary scale fair and appropriate as well as reasonable conditions of employment.
  3. Arranging relations between members and members, between members and other employees, between members and the Union or officers of the Union, or between officers Union with the Union and resolve any disputes or disputes at between them in a peaceful and consensual manner or through the machinery of arbitration in accordance with the requirements of regulation 26 and regulation 27.
  4. To promote the welfare of the members of the Union in social, economic and educational terms in a lawful manner.
  5. Provide legal assistance to members in connection with their employment, if approved by the Council Working Committee.
  6. Provide assistance such as funding during persecution or during disputes enterprise, if approved by the Council Working Committee.
  7. Organize and conduct courses, dialogues, seminars etc. for benefit Union members in particular and employees in general.
  8. To conduct, if approved by the General Meeting, the business of composing, edit, print, publish and distribute any journal, magazine, newsletter or other publications for the furtherance of the purposes of this Union or for the benefit of the members of the Union.
  9. Establish a Welfare Fund and enact additional regulations to administer and control the Fund, if approved by the General Meeting.
  10. Generally, carry out any lawful trade union purpose on the side the law.


Logo Description

  • Eight Images of Yellow Circles and Red Triangles surrounding the UNIMAS logo, symbolizes a group of support staff who are members of the existing KESAUMAS Organization at the 8th University, UNIMAS
  • The color blue on the name word Union, symbolizes unity, unity and harmony among KESAUMAS members
  • The yellow color on the image of the circle symbolizes the obedience and loyalty of the member to organizations and Unions
  • The red color on the image of the triangle and the word KESAUMAS symbolize courage and KESAUMAS members are united in facing any challenge for good and benefit the expert

2.Students' Union
The UNIMAS Student Representative Council (MPP) consists of 16 leaders who are UNIMAS students who have been entrusted to represent students for their respective study programs and bring the name of UNIMAS to a higher level.

MPP serves as an intermediary medium between students and the management in addition to organizing activities that are beneficial for UNIMAS students.

Apart from being a student representative, MPP is also responsible for safeguarding the welfare and rights of students in an effort to produce students who excel in terms of personality and academics in line with the slogan of MPP.




UNIMAS Constitution