UNIMAS provides services by providing access to the public to use the facilities available on the building and spaces such as galleries, libraries, sports centres, museums, lecture and examination hall, and other common spaces that can be used to organize activities. The use of this space is sometimes charged and some are provided free of charge subject to the space and equipment used for the activity.



UNIMAS actively participates in arts and cultural activities in Malaysia as well as internationally. UNIMAS also collaborates with local ministries in strengthening cultural heritage by organizing arts and cultural programs that have a high impact on the surrounding community. The centres of responsibility that play a role in empowering arts and culture at UNIMAS are the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts and the UNIMAS Cultural Unit. UNIMAS has won several international competitions that have raised UNIMAS 'name and visibility on the world platform. Among the annual activities held involving the arts are such as UNIMAS Mini Film Festival, CIPTA (Cetusan Inspirasi Pelajar Tahun Akhir), Music Recital and Citrawarna.
  • Mini Film Festival- short film festival annually held by the Cinematography Programme, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, University Malaysia Sarawak. Film plays an important role as a medium of entertainment, information and education and as a catalyst for social change. The role of filmmakers in interpreting, documenting and discerning the dynamics and changes happening to possibilities of inspirations.
  • CIPTA- is an annual arts exhibition organised by the final year students of the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, given that it is also a pre-graduation activity organised by the students. Apart from engaging the public who are invited to patronage the exhibition, CIPTA also provides opportunity for the students to showcase their finest art works to the industry in order to attract their prospective employers. In other words, students can expose the creativity and ability they have developed through this annual exhibition. It is hoped that, through this exposure, the students could increase the opportunity to commercialise their products since these art works are resulted from their research that goes in line with their final year project. Undeniably, the outcomes of their researches have to demonstrate substantiate ideas which apply techniques and media appropriate to their art works.
  • Music Recital- Music recital is organized annually during CIPTA by final year students of the Music Programme, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, University Malaysia Sarawak to present creativity in a final performance involving a variety of uses of musical instruments and exposes the students with event management skills which also entail the values of responsibility and collectiveness among the students.
  • CITRAWARNA- is energetic and colourful competition performances which opened its participation to residential colleges and surrounding secondary schools. Citrawarna marked the start of UNIMAS’ Convocation Festival which is held to celebrate students’ learning journey and the successful completion of their studies.

UNIMAS had launch of the University Sustainability Initiatives was in support of the university’s on-going commitment towards environment sustainability on campus. UNIMAS also have experts in the field of sustainability as well as programmes and courses related to sustainability particular on the impacts towards local ecosystem and community. Among the initiatives that have been undertaken is sustainable commuting with an electric bicycle use campaign which consumption electric bikes to reduce carbon emissions at university campus and to promote green lifestyle. The university also provides public buses and pedestrian path for student and staff use along the campus.


This Service Circular is intended to implement the decision Government related Work From Home (BDR) policy for Service officers Federal Public. General Order 5 Chapter G of 1974 on Working Hours and Over Time allocates that all officers work office hours including the Heads of Departments themselves, shall adhere to working hours and be present in the office within the allotted time. For officers who follow Non -Office Working Hours, officers are required to be present to work at a the workplace that has been assigned to them covers one working time or work shifts. As a continuous effort to improve the delivery system public service and needs to balance the needs of the task and well -being of officials, then the Government has agreed to establish a policy BDR as an alternative new way of working in the civil service.

UNIMAS also provides on-campus housing facilities for employees who have remote working hours that require employees to work outside the stipulated working hours. This objects to facilitate the movement of staff to perform their duties more effectively particularly involving technical and safety workers.

There are 10 Residential Colleges in the UNIMAS. They are named based on the rich biodiversity of the plants in Malaysia. Apart from providing affordable student accommodation, Residential Colleges also provide a selection of spaces and facilities that can be used for a variety of reasons, including student activities, event/program organizing and many more. In the residential college also provides services that provide facilities to students such as cafeteria, self -service laundry, and place for prayer for Muslim students, student lounge, free Wi-Fi and more. Each college is also managed by college employees who provide 24 -hour services to students in need.
UNIMAS was building with walking campus design and pedestrian covered path in east and west campus. This responds to propositions in support of sustainability initiatives on campus other than constructing healthy UNIMAS resident. Covered path are built along the way from the residential college to the lecture hall to ensure short time distance, availability of short cut to lectures, safety of the students from being exposed to the heat of the sun, rain or other crime and accident.

UNIMAS Student Pavilion is commercial hub consists of stores that are rented out for enterprises and a green building to cater with the Green Building Index (GBI) rating. The building was certified based on six criteria: energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, sustainable site planning and management, material and resources, water efficiency, and innovation. There is electrical sub-metering for each tenant in student pavilion to monitor usage of electricity. The building equipped with rainwater harvesting to supply and cater the demand use of the occupants.

The Central UNIMAS Building for Educators (CUBE) is a 2574 square meter educational facility providing offices and supporting space for 199 lecturers arranged over three (3) levels, featuring an attractive interior courtyard and mid-century modern design cues. UNIMAS has installed solar panels for the installation of water catchment tanks and the use of energy-savings light in phases in CUBE.

LED Lights
has been installed in several buildings in UNIMAS which targeting for energy and cost savings. This installation is conceded out in phases. Among the buildings that have installed LED lights are UNIMAS Main Hall, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Economics and Business. Some street lights are also fitted with LED lights.

Pusat Akademik PPA UNIMAS was one of brownfield site where formerly the site of the building was a lecture room for students on the east campus. Due to space constraints to accommodate lecturers, UNIMAS has built a new block for the convenience and privacy of lecturers.

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